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Board Members

President Kim Steele kim.steele@swchoa.org
Secretary Bob Taylor bob.taylor@swchoa.org
Treasurer Shane Cormier shane.cormier@swchoa.org
Director Jill Pullen jill.pullen@swchoa.org
Director James Edwards james.edwards@swchoa.org
Architectural Review Committee   arc@swchoa.org
Management Company Contact Kevin Francis hoamgmt@swchoa.org

A Special Message from your board:
Acting as board members, we are all neighbors living in the community which we represent. We serve to maintain our neighborhoods to the standards set forth in our covenants and bylaws. Living in a deed-restricted community lends itself to abiding by restrictions to which we agreed when we purchased or rented our properties. Please respect these restrictions as they serve to maintain our property values and curb appeal of the neighborhood as a whole.
Thank you very much for your support,
The Board Members
Your Management Company
Signature Realty and Management, Inc. is the management company servicing the needs of Sweetwater Creek & Estates Home Owners Association. They are a locally owned full service real estate company licensed in the state of Florida.
They are located in Mandarin at:
4003 Hartley Road Jacksonville, FL 32257
Phone: (904) 268-0035
Fax: (904) 268-0660
Offering our Association these services:
 Working with the Board of Directors to outline or review the financial and physical management plan for the homeowners association as necessary.
Utilize (Yardi) financial accounting system.
Work with board to keep operations within approved budget.
Payment of approved Association expenses.
Monthly accounting: balance sheet, income & expenses along with multiple misc. reports.
Year end re-cap and expense breakdown.
Budget preparation
Timely deposit of all funds or fees.
Strict assessment collection procedures (Board's Direction).
Annual, quarterly, monthly billing of association fees
Financial accounting of late fees and special assessments to the Board of Directors.
Attend Board & Homeowners meeting (per contract).
Maintain association records.
Maintain individual correspondence file on all units.
Adherence to Covenants, By-laws and rules and regulations as outlined by association.
Handle complaints and violations letters.
Supervise completed work of site personnel.
Handle daily association business correspondence.
File liens as necessary (through attorney).
Advise Board of legislative matters as we become informed.
 24 hour contact for emergency repair.
Preventive maintenance scheduling as necessary.
Obtain multiple bids for all major work.
Maintain inventory of association property (IF ANY).
Inspect community at regular intervals, per contract (drive and or walk).